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6 great vegetarian meals that are rich in nutrients and minerals

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

6 great vegetarian meals that are rich in nutrients and minerals, especially for those who don't like to eat meat. These 6 vegetarian foods are soybean, lentils, curd, gram, paneer and pumpkin seeds. People who have obesity, digestive problems or diabetes may prefer to include them in the daily diet to prevent the risk of cancer, heart attack, blood pressure, depression or other diseases like IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).

1- Soybean - is best source of protein specially for those people who don’t consume meats. Consumption of 100 gram of soybean a day give 12.35 g protein. It has good source of fibre, lactose free, low in saturated fat, high in phytoestrogens and source of antioxidants .

2- Lentils - The high demand and highest products are India and Canada and there are 9g protein in 100g of serving. It is also a good option for vegans. People with IBS (irritable bowl syndrome) or consultation, diabetic and digestive problem can have a use of lentils. Lentils protect from cancer, diabetic and also help in reducing cholesterol.

3- Curd - It is a very famous dish in the Indian subcontinent. Traditionally people use it to express the desire to start something new. It is prepared from cow's milk, buffalo milk and in some parts of India it is also being prepared from goat's milk. Curd have 11g of protein in 100g. It work as probiotic which promotes healthy digestion, improve immunity system, work as anti-aging tools and also makes your bones stronger.

4- Chickpeas -In India it is called Chana. It promotes heart health, prevents constipation and also helps a diabetic patient to control blood sugar. It can also be a good source of protein for vegetarians. Chickpeas contain 19 grams of protein in a 100-gram serving.

5- Paneer - This is another dish made from cow's milk and buffalo's milk. It is also known as Indian Paneer. Adding paneer to your diet is not only providing you with 14 grams of protein, but it will also protect you from cancer risk, heal your digestive system, be good for diabetics and help you in your weight loss cycle.

6- Pumpkin Seeds - Vitamins and minerals are needed to maintain a healthy body and while pumpkin seeds can be a good choice, it boosts your immune system to fight bacteria and viruses like corona. It also contains vitamin K, zinc and phosphorus. Having 100 grams of pumpkin seeds provides 19 grams of protein.

Note- Excess of anything can have a bad effect on your body and it would be preferred to have these foods in moderation and consult your nutritionist or doctor, as every body has different effects.

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