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Do you want to be a guest writer

Being a guest writer benefits :

Being a guest writer opens the way to meeting more audiences and taking your branding to a wider audience who may have never heard of you. If you are applying as a student this can allow you to strengthen your scientific writing and make you a strong writer in your studies and as a writer you can also earn writing credits as a author.


Guest Writer Requirements -

1- Post should be 500 words to 1000+ words

2- Write conversational tone for easy read

3- Write in natural, conversational tone.

4- Plagiarism should be less than 15 %

5- All name of source will be required

6- One Author only for one post

(We can help in Plagiarism check for students)

Do you want to be a guest speaker

For the Guest Writer

Thanks for submitting!

For the Guest Speaker

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