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Health benefits of Cold Shower vs. Hot Shower !

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

There are many things that most of us do not compromise in our morning routine. From morning exercises to a healthy and nutritious breakfast, a morning bath is also one of the daily routines. Now the question comes to your mind, is a cold water bath good for health or a hot water bath good for health. Many of you are crazy about bathing with cold water, and many of you are also crazy about bathing with hot water. Both showers have tremendous health benefits in the long run.

So let’s find the answer to hot water benefits.

In one research, it was found that bathing with hot water can help in reducing blood sugar levels and can also help in burning calories. A normal person who does not get time to walk and does not burn any active calories can also burn calories with a hot water bath.

One study found that the number of calories a man burns by walking for 30 minutes may be equal to the calories burned by taking a hot bath. Bathing in hot water in a packed bathroom also creates steam around the body; that steam helps to relieve the symptoms of cold and cough without any medical prescription.

Other benefits of Hot water can be experienced :

  • Fall asleep faster

  • Relieve in muscle tension

  • Improve blood circulation

  • Improve brain health

As the body gets tired after an intense workout, a hot bath works as a muscle recovery booster; it is excellent in muscle recovery and relieves muscle pain and gives you fast relief,

Some benefits come with cons, too, so let’s see the side effects of a hot shower.

High blood pressure or heart patients should also avoid hot baths as it can increase blood pressure and make the condition worse.

In some study, it was found that having a hot shower cause dry skin in some people and that cause itching in the body. Friedman says the heat can cause mast cells (which contain histamine) to release their contents into the skin and cause itching.

People with skin allergies should avoid it as this can make skin more irritating and, in some cases, may cause a serious skin problem.

Now, why do we like Cold water showers? Or We often ask what is the benefits of a cold water shower (Cold shower)?

Cold shower help in many health conditions.

It reduces the muscle soreness after an intense workout

It may help in weight loss

It helps a smooth wake up alarm in the morning

Cold water swimming or bath reduces the depression symptoms.

Muscle soreness is a very common side effect of an intense workout. People, who workout regularly have a great search history on Google about how to get rid of muscle pain? So here comes a shower of cold water in the form of medicine. It reduces inflammation of the muscles. This gives your muscle a boost and restarts its healing process.

How to lose weight with a cold shower? This question may be confusing for some of you, but bathing with cold water helps in weight loss. One study found that immersion in cold water at 14°C increases metabolism by up to 350%, which helps in weight loss.

When a cold spray is applied on your face upwards, towards your head, your energy temporarily renews and makes you feel more awake.

One study found that bathing or swimming in cold water improves mood and that regular cold water baths and cold water swimming helped reduce depression.

So next when you are planning to bath don't decide just by fluke think about the benefits and cos of choosing between hot and cold water and how your smallest decision can effect your entire mental and physical health.

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